Actual books — whether read traditionally or digitally — are still relevant. In 2018, a handful became must-reads

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Despite current culture’s sound-bite Instagrams and 140-character Tweets, actual books — whether read traditionally or digitally — are still relevant. In 2018, a handful became must-reads. tagged several for business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

Five of those are:  

1. “The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results” by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter
2. “Leap: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied” by Howard Yu
3. “Reinforcements: How to Get People to Help You” by Heidi Grant
4. “Never Stop Learning: Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive” by Bradley R. Staats
5. “What Happens Now? Reinvent Yourself as a Leader Before Your Business Outruns You” by John Hillen and Mark D. Nevins

For sheer enjoyment and escape, Publishers Weekly wrapped up the year with distinct recommendations that include:

- “Asymmetry” by Lisa Halliday is about a young book editor who enters a relationship with an older, prize-winning novelist in Manhattan, while an Iraqi-American economist is detained at Heathrow on his way to visit family in Iraq.
- “Census” by Jesse Ball focuses on a dying father and his adult son with Down syndrome who take a cross-country trip.
- “The Mars Room” by Rachel Kushner is set in a California prison, where the main character is serving a life sentence for murdering her stalker.
- “She Would Be King” by Wayétu Moore combines the historic aspects of Liberia’s fragile 19th-century beginnings with characters who use magical powers to battle slavers.
- “Warlight” by Michael Ondaatje centers on two siblings whose parents leave them in the care of ruthless characters in post-World War II London.

The thrilling sense-of-place Kristin Hannah novel, “The Great Alone,” topped many best-of-2018 lists, including Real Simple’s. This dramatic page-turner is being considered for a big-screen adaptation.