Whether it's your local community college or far, far away, your newly "adulting" child needs some dorm room supplies to make their days and nights as cushy as it is at home

Wipe away a tear because your “little one” is going off to college. They got their roommate assignments, signed up for some tough (and not-so-tough) classes and are just so excited to leave the nest.  Whether it’s your local community college or far, far away, your newly "adulting" child needs some dorm room supplies to make their days and nights as cushy as it is at home, without the peering parental peepers, of course. Here are our picks for essential dorm room gear. 

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Cook up the ramen noodles



Teenagers and college kids live off ramen when they're not in the dining hall. They do need their energy for last night studying. tin  eThe DASH Express Hot Pot ($20.27 -- 49% off) can hold up to 4 cups of rice or noodles, boil water, cook noodles, reheat soup, and much more. It’s sleek design and trendy color options will accent any small space. Be sure to get them a copy of Let's Make Ramen: A Comic Book Cookbook, too.  


Sleep in Comfort


You know those dorm room beds are so uncomfortable, so bring the Linenspa 3-inch gel swirl Memory Foam topper ($87.73) so your little prince or princess sleeps in comfort. It helps regulate temperature for the optimal sleep experience and the light and breathable open cell memory foam conforms to the curves of the body, aligns the spine, and relieves pressure points.


Keep food fresh


The Black + Decker Mini fridge has a freezer and ice cube tray and is now 16% off at $108.977. The adjustable thermostat control and leveling legs offer ultimate versatility


Study fuel


This hot air popper is under $30 and includes a butter melting cup which doubles as a measuring cup. Add some  popcorn seasoning to jazz up your cramming for finals snacks. We like these in Extra Butter, Tangy Buffalo, Homestyle Ranch, California Cheddar and  Dorothy's Garlic Butter flavors. 


Three-in-one breakfast center


Sometimes those college kids just get up too late to catch breakfast in the dining hall.  Now, they can make coffee, toast and even fry bacon and eggs with one small appliance. The Breakfast Center is small and compact, making it the perfect appliance for smaller kitchens, dorm rooms and RV’s. Brew fresh coffee, toast or warm biscuits, and fry bacon all with one single appliance. This all-in-one appliance is compact, easy to clean, and durable.


Dress up the walls


Many colleges allow you to up colorful wall decals that come off easy-peasy at the end of the semester. Find wall stickers for funny or inspirational messages or beautiful murals to brighten up any dorm room. You can even turn an entire wall into a chalkboard for jotting down those big ideas, or try something that shows what the beautiful outdoors would be like if you didn’t have to study.

Bedside shelf


This convenient bedside shelf  uses a  Clamp System so the tray attaches without tools and includes thick felt on touch points. It’s safely holds up to 15 lbs, for a  13-inch Macbook, remote and water within arm's reach.


A full set for all needs


This 54-piece set has so much your college student needs including supplies for the bedroom (sheets, mattress topper and more), the shower (towels, slippers, shower pack), underbed storage, hangers and supplies for kitchen and desk.

Keep your student supplies with Prime Student


Right now you can get Prime Student from Amazon with a free 6-month trial. Your student can get fast and free shipping and stream thousands of TV shows and movies and oh, yes, read books when they’re not studying, that is. Prime Student works with hundreds of vendors to surface great deals just for Students.