Check out our 7 innovative finds to help bring along some of the conveniences of home on your next camping trip, boating excursion or RV adventure.

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If you’re like Willie Nelson (without the bandana) and just can’t wait to get on the road again, we have some ideas on how to bring along some of the conveniences of home on your next camping trip, boating excursion or RV adventure. Sure, part of the charm of getting out of the house and into nature is living it rough, but well, there’s a limit. Respect the environment and have some of the  conveniences of home at your campsite, on the boat or in the RV with clean clothes, gourmet cooking and even a good old bathroom “throne”, without having to use any electricity at all.


The Wonder Wash ($52.50)

This highly portable, hand operated washing machine leaves your clothes sparkling clean. The hand crank washing machine has a much larger capacity than anything else on the market and weighs just 6 pounds. It cleans laundry in just 2 minutes and is ideal for delicates. Buy yours now.


Nina Soft Spin Dryer ($152.99)

 No hookup or venting is needed for this dryer which gently dries clothes removing 90% of water in under 3 minutes, and consumes a low level of energy along the way. It effectively removes most of the water that your washing machine doesn’t. As a result it means less drying time overall, and a more gentle ride for your clothes. Buy yours now.



Solar Powered Clothes Line ($54)

Great for camping, RV's and your cabin in the woods, the Whirligig is "an innovative, environmentally-friendly way to get your clothes dry without using man-made energy. The 4-sided, free-standing clothes rack has durable cords to hang your clothes on without taking too much space. To operate, attach the Whirligig to a solar panel or power adapter and it starts to rotate, ensuring all sides of the hanging items naturally air out and receive sunlight. This saves on electricity bills while helping mother nature." The Whirlygig folds up for easy transport and weighs only 10 pounds. Buy yours now. 


Portable Fan Solar Mini Fan, ED Table Lamp and Multi-function Eye-Care Flashlight ($23)

This solar-powered fan can also be used as an LED table lamp and spotlight or flashlight. the wind speed can be adjusted to high and low. Buy yours now.



Solavore Sport Solar Oven ($287)

This portable solar cooking package comes with solar reflectors, 2 granite ware pots, oven thermometer, and water pasteurization tool. It weighs only 9 pounds and comes with a carrying case for easy transport. The only fuel you need is the sun and solar cooking is healthy, moist and savory--with no vitamins or flavor boiled away. Set it and forget it – let the sun do the work while you hit the office or hit the trail. Buy yours now.



The Earthtec Portable Toilet Bowl ($144)

 When nature calls, avoid the poison ivy! "Designed with you in mind, Earthtec’s proprietary bonding of non-stick nanotechnology coating makes campsite sanitation simple. Non-stick bowls and seats practically clean themselves. The holding tank and fresh water tanks are large enough to accommodate any camping trip. Additionally, the swinging discharge tube makes emptying your toilet easier than ever." Buy yours now.



Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower,  Privacy Shelter, Changing Room($90)

  "Camping is all about reconnecting with nature, but sometimes especially on longer trips it's awfully nice to freshen up a bit. With the Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo, gone are the days of jumping into the lake or river, or splashing yourself clean in the camp kitchen sink. It's portable and lightweight, making it simple to enjoy a proper shower in the great outdoors." Buy yours now.