Valentine's Day may be for lovers, but it can also be for sticking it to an ex. Especially if there are free wings involved. 

Hooters is bringing back the "Shred Your Ex" event. Bring in a photo of your ex and destroy it in a (safe) manner of your choice. To celebrate your newfound closure, you'll get 10 free wings with the purchase of any other 10. 

It’s back! Come in this Valentine’s Day and#ShredYourEx. Not only do you get to watch the poor sucker get destroyed, but you’ll get 10 free boneless wings when you buy any

— Hooters (@Hooters)February 3, 2020

You can also virtually “shred” the photos online here to get a digital coupon emailed to you.

The deal is good for Feb. 14, 2020 only.