After a month of spectacular sky watching, July is ending with what appears to be nothing at all. A rare supermoon known as a "black moon" will rise on July 31 in the Western Hemisphere. 

A "black moon" is the second new moon to appear within a calendar month. It's a fairly unusual occurrence — the last black moon was in September 2016. Plus, the moon is currently near its closest point to Earth in its orbit, making it a supermoon. 

Because it's a new moon, you won't actually see this supermoon in the sky without special equipment. But the dark moon offers more opportunity to see some other special features in the sky right now. Two meteor showers are coming off their peaks but are still active, making it the perfect time for a new moon. 

For optimal stargazing, head somewhere with little light pollution and where you can get the most unobstructed view of the whole night sky. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag and lie back. You're likely to see a meteor soon after. 

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