With a new year comes a list of New Year's resolutions. I've never been a big fan of writing resolutions -- so much pressure! However, this time around I have had a change of heart. I think it would be great to start a family tradition of writing a few resolutions for 2013 and placing them in a simple scrapbook, complete with coordinating photos.

While I don't think it's important to check the list of resolutions during the year, to see if they've been met, it's fun to look back and see what was important to each family member in 2013. It might even be fun to make up a few resolutions for each of the family pets. Wouldn't it be great if the cat resolved to stop scratching the furniture?

The point of this exercise is not to set goals and check them at the end of the year, but to reveal a little something about each member of the family that will be fun to read in the years ahead.

It's helpful to create a scrapbook whose size can be duplicated every year so that you can group them in a slipcase that will hold several years of resolutions. For 2013, I created a simple scrapbook that has an accordion-folded construction with a belly band to hold it closed.

Cut card stock into three 6- x 12-inch sections and score each one every 3-3/4 inches. A 3/4-inch tab will be left at the end to overlap the next section to create one long strip. Accordion-fold on all of the score lines and attach photos and embellishments to each panel.

I like to have each person handwrite resolutions on a separate piece of paper that can be redone, if needed, without having to scrap the whole booklet. Allow a few extra pages in the front to act as a title page and introduction page that will introduce the year and any group resolutions.

The belly band is simply folded around the scrapbook and tied with a ribbon. It's important to create this after the scrapbook is complete to make sure the sleeve will accommodate the thickness of the completed book.

One of your resolutions for 2013 should be to create a family-resolutions scrapbook for this year and many years into the future.

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