Three Rehoboth Beach lifeguards positive for coronavirus

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Milford Beacon
Milford Beacon

Three Rehoboth Beach Patrol lifeguards have tested positive for COVID-19

"We believe at this time there was very little contact with the public," said Rehoboth Police Chief Keith Banks. The lifeguards spend most of their time in the lifeguard stands. “We immediately executed our COVID response protocol and contacted the local health department. All lifeguards were notified of the exposure and will be tested within the next 24 hours."

Banks said the lifeguards who have tested positive are asymptomatic and are staying home until medically cleared to return to work. Even though three lifeguards are out, staffing levels are high enough that it will not affect lifeguard operations on the beach.

The areas of Rehoboth and Dewey Beach have recently seen a spike in coronavirus cases. The Division of Public Health encourages people that live or have been to the area to get tested.

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