The DIAA Board of Directors sponsored the expenses for six student and two adult ambassadors to attend the 2018 NFHS Student Leadership Summit in Indianapolis from July 23 to 25.

Student ambassadors were Amelia Christensen (Brandywine School District’s Concord High), Caden Dickerson (Seaford School District’s Seaford High), Jack Faust (Sussex Academy Charter School), Jane Lyons (private Ursuline Academy), Dylan Nitsche (private Tower Hill) and Grace Sekcinski (Milford School District’s Milford High School).

The adult leaders were Jeff Ransome (private Wilmington Friends School) and Theresa Repole (Newark Charter School).

The summit presented an opportunity for the Team to participate in leadership and sportsmanship activities that they will now use as part of the DIAA Student Leadership Conference held in Lewes from August 3-5.

Team DE will be joined by 25 more students from around the state, as well as four more adults, for three days of activities and a service project held in conjunction with Special Olympics Delaware.