It’s already been a long season, but the wrestling calendar is winding down.

With a little under a month to go until the postseason meets, teams will be finishing out their dual-meet schedules, positioning for individual conference and state championship spots as well as team championship seeds.

For the Milford Buccaneers their challenges are just beginning, but so far they’ve proven why they’ve been able to hold onto the Division II team championship over the past several years.

Coming off two tough losses to divisional opponents Indian River and Laurel, along with another loss to powerhouse Smyrna, the Bucs head into the home stretch of the season well prepared for what’s ahead. Head Coach Don Parsley says taking on teams like Smyrna can only help the team grow, especially this late in the season.

“Wrestling great competition is always or goal and Smyrna has an outstanding team,” Parsley said. “The matchups against Smyrna allow us to see where we stand statewide. It also sets the stage for the postseason as it will make a clear picture of what is to come.”

Having competed in multiple tournaments, including their own invitational along with the Polytech Invitational, Beast of the East, Battle at the Beach and the War on the Shore, the Bucs have had the benefit of taking on some of the best the wrestling world has to offer at the high school level, not only within the state, but surrounding areas as well.

They’ve also gone through a tough schedule of divisional, conference and out of conference opponents.

For Milford, they’ve approached each tournament, each dual and each match as they’ve come, taking them one at a time.

“The regular season is necessary in order to get to the postseason, to date, it hasn’t been too bad,” said Parsley. “This week is going to be difficult as we will have three dual matches, two being divisional foes, the other being a top five DI team in Dover. On the weekend, we will be competing in the Legacy Duals at Hodgson Vo-Tech, it will be a five-match day.”

While the season’s grind can wear on some, the Bucs have remained unscathed for now, which will only improve their postseason hopes.

“Currently we are all healthy,” Parsley said. “I hope that continues throughout the season as we need every man onboard as we continue our quest to repeat as the DII State Champions.”