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NOTE: There are 23 candidates without opponents this cycle. There are also "declared write-in candidates." They are listed at the bottom of the page.

U.S. Senate   Incumbent Democrat Tom Carper Republican Robert Arlett Green Dimitri Theodoropoulos Libertarian Nadine Frost     U.S. House   Incumbent Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester Republican Scott Walker     State Offices         Attorney General   Republican Bernard Pepukayi   Democrat Kathleen Jennings       Treasurer  Incumbent Republican Ken Simpler   Democrat Colleen Davis    Green David Chandler       Auditor   Republican James Spadola   Democrat Kathleen McGuiness       Senate District 4  Incumbent Republican Gregory Lavelle   Democrat Laura Sturgeon       Senate District 6  Incumbent Republican Ernesto Lopez   Democrat David Baker       Senate District 10  Incumbent Democrat Stephanie Hansen   Republican Christine Metzing       Senate District 11  Incumbent Democrat Bryan Townsend   Republican Daniel Kapitanic       Senate District 16  Incumbent Republican Colin Bonini    Democrat Louisa Phillips       Senate District 17   Republican Justin King   Democrat Charles Paradee III       Senate District 18   Democrat James Purcell   Republican David Wilson       Senate District 21  Incumbent Republican Bryant Richardson   Democrat Robert Wheatley           House District 6  Incumbent Democrat Debra Heffernan   Republican Jeffrey Olmstead       House District 7   Democrat Raymond Seigfried   Republican Eric Braunstein    Libertarian Scott Gesty       House District 8  Incumbent Democrat Quinton Johnson   Republican Daniel Zitofsky   Libertarian Cody Ryan McNutt       House District 9  Incumbent Republican Kevin Hensley    Democrat Monique Johns       House District 10  Incumbent Democrat Sean Matthews   Republican Erin Wienner       House District 11  Incumbent Republican Jeffrey Spiegelman   Democrat Paul Thornburg       House District 12  Incumbent Republican Deborah Hudson   Democrat Krista Griffith       House District 14  Incumbent Democrat Peter Schwartzkopf   Republican James Demartino       House District 15  Incumbent Democrat Valerie Longhurst   Libertarian Amy Merlino       House District 16   Democrat Franklin Cooke Jr.   Republican Albert Ament       House District 19  Incumbent Democrat Kimberly Williams   Republican James Startzman       House District 20  Incumbent Republican Stephen Smyk   Democrat John Bucchioni   Libertarian Harry Smouse Jr.       House District 21  Incumbent Republican Michael Ramone   Democrat Stephanie Barry       House District 22   Republican Michael Smith   Democrat Guillermina Gonzalez       House District 24  Incumbent Democrat Edward Osienski   Republican William Dilks Sr.       House District 25  Incumbent Democrat John Kowalko    Republican Bryan Rash       House District 26  Incumbent Democrat John Viola   Republican Justin Cruice       House District 27  Incumbent Democrat Earl Jaques    Libertarian William Hinds       House District 28  Incumbent Democrat William Carson   Republican Charlotte Middleton       House District 29   Democrat William Bush   Republican Robin Hayes       House District 30   Republican Shannon Morris   Democrat Charles Groce       House District 31  Incumbent Democrat Sean Lynn   Republican David Anderson Write-in Republican Jean Dowding
  House District 32  Incumbent Democrat Andria Bennett   Republican Cheryl Precourt       House District 33  Incumbent Republican Charles Postles   Democrat James Webb       House District 34  Incumbent Republican Lyndon Yearick   Democrat Adewunmi Kuforiji   Libertarian William McVay       House District 36   Republican Bryan Shupe   Democrat Donald Allan Jr.       House District 38  Incumbent Republican Ronald Gray   Democrat Meghan Kelly       House District 41  Incumbent Republican Richard Collins   Democrat Bradley Connor         New Castle County       Sheriff   Democrat Scott Phillips   Libertarian John Machurek       Recorder of Deeds  Incumbent Democrat Michael Kozikowski   Republican Daniel Rappa       County Council District 2  Incumbent Republican Robert Weiner   Democrat Dee Durham       County Council District 5  Incumbent Democrat Lisa Diller   Republican John Thomas       County Council District 5   Democrat David Carter
  Green Dawn Lentz
    Kent County         Recorder of Deeds  Incumbent Democrat Betty Lou McKenna   Republican Eugenia Thornton       Sheriff  Incumbent Republican Jason Mollohan   Democrat Brian Lewis       Levy Court District 2  Incumbent Republican James Hosfelt   Democrat Jeffrey Hall       Levy Court At Large  Incumbent Democrat Terry Pepper   Republican James Callaway         Sussex County        County Council District 4   Republican Douglas Hudson   Democrat Paulette Rappa       County Council District 5   Republican John Rieley   Democrat Ellen Magee

All candidate profiles received so far are online at the Dover Post.

Declared write-in candidates

U.S. Senator

Matthew Water Stout Barry Eveland Peter Todd Farina

U.S. Representative

Andrew C Webb Marvin Davis Paul A. Johnston

Attorney General

Allen Jester

House District 13

James Edward Christina

House District 17

Christopher W. Mockerman

House District 31

M. Jean Dowding

They are as good as elected

When only one party files a candidate to run, the primary election almost always determines the winner of a particular office. These candidates have no one running against them on November’s ballot:

    Senate District 2 - Darius Brown     Senate District 3 - Elizabeth Lockman     House District 1 - Nnamdi Chukwuocha     House District 2 - Stephanie Bolden     House District 3 - Sherry Dorsey Walker     House District 4 - Gerald Brady     House District 5 - Kendra Johnson     House District 13 - John Mitchell Jr.     House District 17 - Melissa Minor-Brown     House District 18 – David Bentz     House District 23 - Paul Baumbach     House District 35 - Jesse R. Vanderwende     House District 37 - Ruth Briggs King     House District 39 - Daniel Short     House District 40 - Timothy Dukes

New Castle County

    Register of Wills - Ciro Poppiti III     County Council 1 - Kenneth Woods     County Council 3 - Janet Kilpatrick     County Council 4 - Penrose Hollins

Kent County

    Levy Court 4 - Eric Buckson     Levy Court 6 - Glen Howell

Sussex County

    Register of Wills - Cynthia Green     Records of Deeds - Scott Dailey