The forensics company SUMURI is based in Camden-Wyoming.

A digital forensics company based in Camden-Wyoming, SUMURI, will donate a forensic workstation to a law enforcement agency as part of their year-end “SUMURI Gives Back” campaign.

The bright yellow TALINO forensic workstation is nicknamed Bumblebee and valued at $10,000.

SUMURI’s CEO Jason Roslewicz announced Henry County Police Department in Atlanta, Ga., as this year’s winner Dec. 23.

The department will also get a Forensics Tool Kit software license, donated by another forensics software provider, AccessData.

SUMURI decided to award a second forensic workstation to the runner-up: the Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

“I had the opportunity to teach Kenyan law enforcement through the US Department of State in 2007. I saw firsthand the dedication of Kenyan law enforcement officers doing as much as they could with very limited resources. I never forgot Kenyan spirit and it showed with the number of votes and comments from Kenyan citizens backing DCI. It was the support of Kenya’s citizens for DCI that compelled us and moved us to do more by also providing them with a TALINO workstation. We hope that they use it to help protect the Kenyan citizens that supported them” said Steve Whalen, SUMURI’s Chief Product Officer and co-founder.

SUMURI Gives Back is a continuation of the company’s long-standing tradition of supporting the law enforcement community through humanitarian missions and donations of software and computers. They announced the campaign Nov. 28.

Nominations for the top five agencies were announced on the company’s social media sites and people took to the internet to show their support. The final nominees included Elkton Police Department; Henry County Police Department; DCI, Digital Forensics Unit; Washington Police Department; and Philadelphia Police Department.

Henry County won the most votes out of nearly 700,000. People could vote online at:

“Through our SUMURI gives back program we have donated TALINO workstations and software to agencies both in the United States and internationally to assist in the fight against human slavery, child exploitation and terrorism. It is truly awe inspiring to see the number of votes received for the nominees this year,” Roslewicz said.