Sen. Chris Coons, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Dec. 11 to discuss the Justice Department inspector general’s report.

“President Trump since he became president has been claiming that the investigation into his campaign's activities was a witch hunt and a hoax,” said Coons. “That's an investigation that produced six convictions of some of his most senior folks, his campaign manager, his personal attorney, his national security advisor, and this inspector general report shows that it was without bias and well-founded.”

“President Trump's got one personal attorney who is currently serving jail time, another one who is mucking around in Ukraine again and has frankly become somewhat of a laughingstock, despite his respected tenure as mayor of New York, and so if Attorney General Barr wants to join that company, I think ultimately, he will go down in history as a discredited attorney general,” said Coons.

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