Sens. Chris Coons, D-Delaware; Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina; Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut; and Marco Rubio, R-Florida,members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, introduced on Nov. 21 legislation to clarify and strengthen U.S. policy in support of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Libya.

The Libya Stabilization Act would place sanctions on individuals fueling violence in the country, require a report on foreign government involvement, and require a strategy to counter Russian influence. The bill would also marshal U.S. resources, including humanitarian assistance, to support the Libyan people and an eventual unified Libyan government.

“The conflict in Libya is a humanitarian crisis that continues to fuel instability and present opportunities for extremist groups in the region,” said Coons. “The United States should play a constructive role in ending the war and stemming the regional and international repercussions of the violence. My hope is that the bipartisan Libya Stabilization Act will strengthen the Administration’s efforts to bring about a diplomatic solution in Libya and signal to parties on the ground that the U.S. is committed to supporting peace and stability for the Libyan people.”

Full text of the legislation is available at