As Delaware’s shotgun deer season approaches, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police remind the public that certain state-owned lands are closed to public access — including hunting.

Anyone found accessing these sites is subject to trespassing and other charges. Other state-owned lands are designated as accessible to the public for recreational use, including hunting.

Particularly, those state-owned properties closed to the public include numerous created wetland sites established by the Delaware Department of Transportation to offset environmental impacts from transportation projects throughout the state. These created wetlands are protected properties closely monitored to evaluate how well they are becoming established and whether they meet environmental standards. Any damage to these sites as a result of trespassing or other activities — such as illegally erecting blinds or clearing vegetation for hunting, or using the sites for other outdoor recreation activities — may impact DelDOT’s compliance with state and federal environmental permit requirements.

“No trespassing” signage is posted at these sites, with additional signage being installed on DelDOT properties to inform the public. Delaware Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police are patrolling these sites to help achieve awareness and compliance.

For more on designated public hunting areas in Delaware, view the 2019-2020 Delaware Hunting Guide at

Additional information on Division of Fish & Wildlife public lands open to hunting is available on Delaware Wildlife Area Maps at The guide and wildlife area maps are also available in printed form at DNREC’s Dover licensing desk or by calling 739-9912.

The public is urged to report trespassing and hunting violations to the Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police via Operation Game Theft by calling 800-292-3030, visiting or using the DENRP Tip app. Verizon customers can connect to Operation Game Theft directly by dialing #OGT. The public can also call the Natural Resources Police 24-hour dispatch line at 739-4580.