Kent County Sheriff Brian E. Lewis was invited to Washington, D.C., to attend a two-day conference on securing the borders and safe communities.

One-hundred ninety sheriffs from around the U.S. attended the conference, going to Capitol Hill and the White House petitioning for immediate action.

“Recent polls show that the two most pressing issues on the minds of American voters are immigration and government gridlock,” said Lewis. “The two are inextricably related. Delaware doesn’t have as serious of an illegal immigration problem compared to many other states, but it may as we look over the horizon according to federal officials.”

“Many dangers that accompany illegal immigration include drug trafficking, gang violence, human trafficking amongst other escalating incidents,” said Lewis. “Unfortunately, the powers of the sheriffs in Delaware are limited opposed to surrounding states. Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs may take into custody and transport a person when specifically so ordered by a judge or commissioner of Superior Court but do not conduct arrest under Delaware Code.”

“Being the only sheriff from the state of Delaware to attend the conference, I felt as an attendee I had a personally responsibility to represent my constituents and ask questions and bring back vital information on this national issue without using county taxpayer dollars,” said Lewis. “I had the privilege of personally speaking to many Sheriff’s from around the nation and Matthew T. Albence, the acting director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”