No shooter was found and no injuries have been reported at Dover campus.

After rumors of a potential shooter at Delaware State University in Dover this morning, the university police are being assisted by state police, Dover police and Capitol police in the investigation.

Delaware State University administrators were told that some students reported receiving anonymous texts of a potential shooter on the campus. As a precautionary measure, the campus was placed on lockdown so that a search of the buildings could be conducted.

There was no active shooter on campus and no shots have been fired, state police said.

No injuries have been reported.

University's statement

Delaware State University Executive Vice President and Provost Tony Allen gave the following statement:

At 10:03 a.m., the University Police sent an emergency alert by text and email to the Delaware State University community of a possible active shooter. This alert was based on anonymous texts received by students of a potential shooter on campus. The “active shooter protocol” was activated; all buildings were immediately locked down, with students, faculty and staff moved to safe areas.

As of 11:45 a.m., following a thorough sweep of all buildings by University Police in cooperation with the Delaware State Police, Dover Police, and the Capitol Police, the university has been reported clear, and all members of the community are safe. Convocation was canceled, and all classes/events for the remainder of the day have been canceled as well.

While this alert unquestionably led to significant anxiety and alarm among our students and employees, I am pleased to report that our protocols functioned well. Administrators, faculty, and staff moved quickly and professionally to locate students in safe areas of campus buildings and kept them there until released. Again, I want to emphasize that there was no active shooter on campus, our protocols functioned as intended, and police units responded immediately.

I want thank to everyone for their cooperation and clear thinking in this event.