Downtown Milford Inc. announced a change in leadership, effective July 1.

The existing board voted in the new officers at a special meeting on June 17.

Outgoing president is Sara Pletcher; incoming president is Peg Reilly, for a one-year term.

Outgoing vice president is Peg Reilly; incoming vice president is Don Vaughan, for a two-year term.

Outgoing secretary is Pat Sparks; incoming secretary is Shelley Moore, for a two-year term.

Outgoing treasurer is Bob Starkey; incoming treasurer is Sandra Gulledge, for a two-year term.

These officer positions, along with the many non-officer board positions, are all volunteer.

DMI recognized Pletcher, who has been involved in different capacities for nine years; Sparks, who has been involved for eight years; and Starkey, who remained treasurer for seven years. Board members will be Matt Babbitt, Jason Peel, Cat Perfetti, Lang Redden, Denise Rivera, Kelly Turner and Sher Valenzuela.

DMI volunteers are responsible for events like the Riverfront Farmers Market, the Pub Crawl, the Irish Music and Dance Concert, the Easter Plant Sale, the Bug & Bud Festival with the Parks & Recreation Team, Third Thursday Block Parties, the LadyBug Music Festival with Gable Music Ventures, the Holiday Stroll and the Santa House. DMI is also involved with beautifying and organizing the downtown area with flowers, trees, art projects and signage.

Those interested in volunteering should call 839-1180.

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