Jonathan's Landing, Thursday

A torrential downpour of bluesy Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes will capsize Jonathan’s Landing Golf Course in Magnolia on Thursday, courtesy of the take-no-prisoners band Texas Flood.

One of the premiere blues bands in north Texas, the SRV tribute kings show love to other blues greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Albert and B.B. King.

Texas Flood is led by frontman Tommy Katona, with Steve Buckner on bass and Travis Montoya on drums.

Montoya, 31, dished on some nifty SRV stories, blues tribute bands, and more.

How did you join Texas Flood?

My dad was in the band in the early years. He played keyboard, so I was always around the group. I started knowing the guys from a younger age. The short version of this is I started playing the drums, then the opportunity came up that they needed a drummer at some point. I was there, I auditioned and now here we are.

Do you have any interesting stories or facts about Stevie?

Oh my gosh, I know there’s a lot of things that come to mind. The cool thing about Tommy is he’s like a walking Stevie Ray Vaughan encyclopedia. He can tell you so many things about his guitars and things like that. One thing that always impressed me is his big brother, Jimmie Vaughan, was the [man], back in Dallas.

He was the big guy. His little brother was just Stevie Vaughan. Jimmie was always Stevie’s idol. He always looked up to Jimmie. Jimmie was with the big bands in Dallas and Stevie used to play bass with Jimmie, to fill in, every once in a while. Another cool story is Jimmie Vaughan opened up for Jimi Hendrix one time, here in Dallas. Before the show, Jimmie Vaughan traded for Jimi Hendrix’s wah pedal, the one he used on “Voodoo Child.” The wah pedal ended up getting stolen with a bunch of other equipment, and nobody knows where it’s at.

There are lots of tribute acts for pop and rock music, but do you see many for blues bands?

I really don’t, man. The only other blues tributes that would come to mind would be for B.B. King. There is a Jimi Hendrix guy out there, if you want to take that blues route. But right now, the market is so different for the blues, in general; and it’s also a different [market] for tribute bands. We’ve been very fortunate to pick the artists that we did and have the success that we’ve had, along with Tommy being who he is, doing this his whole life and studying Stevie Ray Vaughan.

It looks like there’s a big niche for you guys in this blues space.

That’s why we started off with the Stevie thing and really started incorporating a lot of other blues guys, too, because Stevie was a big fan of them. But that’s what Stevie did. He was a really heavy cover artist. Eighty to 90 percent of his set was all covers. He only wrote a handful of songs in his life. That’s all he did, he picked a lot of his favorite artists and did covers of them.