Students win awards for skills

Students from across the state gathered at the 89th Annual Delaware State Future Farmers of America Convention in Dover on Tuesday, March 12.

Nearly 600 students, advisers and judges, representing business and industry throughout the state, participated in state career and leadership development events during the convention. FFA student members demonstrated professionalism, leadership and skill attainment in 15 competitive events.

Elected to serve on the FFA State Officer Leadership Team for 2019 - 2020 were President Timothy Mulderigg, Middletown High School, Vice President Gillian Cannon, Seaford High School, Secretary Abby Edwards, Lake Forest High School, Treasurer Larry Thompson, Smyrna High School, Reporter Emily Samick, Middletown High School, and Sentinel Jackson Sylvester, Lake Forest High School.

The Delaware FFA Association is a Career and Technical Student Organization that is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

Category Place School Student         Agricultural Communications  1 Woodbridge Mollie Elkolm  Top Individuals 2 Woodbridge  Mackenna Kerrick    3 Lake Forest  Maci Carter    4 Lake Forest  Trinity Ranshaw    5 Delmar Cara Rosen    6 Caesar Rodney Kyle Longo   7 Delmar Jordan Lloyd   8 Milford Brooke Davis   9 Caesar Rodney Madison Tullock   10 Caesar Rodney Audrey Hastings         Agricultural Communications 1 Woodbridge   Top Teams 2 Lake Forest     3 Casesar Rodney     4 Delmar     5 Milford           Agricultural Sales 1 Appoquinimink   Top Teams 2 Lake Forest     3 Indian River     4 Milford     5 Caesar Rodney           Agricultural Sales 1 Lake Forest Lauren McLaughlin Top Individuals 2 Appoquinimink Julia Lloyd   3 Appoquinimink Sydney Miller   4 Indian River Makenzy Marvel   5 Lake Forest Caleb Murphy   6 Indian River Abby West   7 Appoquinimink Julie Robison   8 Appoquinimink Gracie Wyngaard   9 Indian River Katelyn Klingensmith   10 Milford Adam Bitler         Creed Speaking 1 Lake Forest Brielle Carter   2 Smyrna Sarah Dinsmore   3 A.G. Waters Adrianna Mazzio   4 Woodbridge Bethany Knutsen   5 Smyrna Middle Faith Hewes   6 Meredith Middle Lana Savage   7 Meredith Middle Ella Vandervort   8 Milford Sundence Lodge   9 Woodbridge Middle Avery Kerrick         Conduct of Chapter Meetings 1 Smyrna     2 Lake Forest     3 Millsboro Middle     4 W.T. Chipman     5 Sussex Central           Employment Skills 1 Caesar Rodney McKenna Breeding   2 Sussex Central Tessa McDonough   3 Middletown Elisabeth Davis   4 Smyrna Kaylee Dulin   5 Milford Charlese Price   6 Milford Brianna Reynolds   7 Lake Forest Rachel Taylor   8 Delmar Julian Hudson         Extemporaneous Public Speaking 1 MOT Charter Praise Ighodaro   2 Middletown Emily Samick   3 Sussex Tech Taylor Bullis   4 Milford Veronika Moore   5 Dover Vernice Heard   6 Casesar Rodney Hannah Jeffrey   7 Cape Henlopen April Rulo   8 Cape Henlopen Hailey Powell   9 Dover Kassidy Pinder   10 Middletown Mark Lattomus         Junior Extemporaneous Public 1 Woodbridge Evan Peterson Speaking  2 Smyrna Sky Jackson   3 Redding Allison Quino   4 Smyrna Thomas Hernan   5 Appoquinimink Savannah Rayl-Parks   6 Middletown Keith Dallaney   7 A.G. Waters Keeley McCormick   8 Woodbridge Aydan Vanderwend   9 Milford Central Academy Matthew Sacks   10 Millsboro Middle Madeleine Pyle         Floriculture 1 Woodbridge   Top Teams 2 Middletown     3 Smyrna     4 Delmar     5 Appoquinimink           Floriculture 1 Woodbridge Kaelyn Parks Top Individuals 2 Middletown Racheal Loughry   3 Woodbridge Meredith Carey   4 Woodbridge Amber Tully   5 Middletown Alyssa Daaiuto   6 Delmar Gabriella Morelli   7 Middletown Phillip Townsend   8 Middletown Audrey Jackson   9 Appoquinimink Jessie Schweiger   10 Woodbridge Hannah Pearson         Junior Floriculture 1 Milford Central Academy   Top Teams 2 Woodbridge Middle     3 Smyrna Middle     4 Laurel Middle     5 Millsboro Middle           Junior Floriculture 1 Smyrna Middle Mary Watts Top Individuals 2 Milford Central Academy Carley Mackert   3 Smyrna Middle Isabella McMullen   4 Millsboro Middle Madisyn Kuhnmiller   5 Milford Central Academy Emma Simpson   6 Redding Middle Reese Albanu   7 Redding Middle Erin Kuzminski   8 Woodbridge Middle Carley Deford   9 Milford Central Academy Tyler Smith   10 Woodbridge Middle Emily Peterson         Meats Evaluation 1 Smyrna   Top Teams 2 Milford     3 Sussex Central     4 Lake Forest     5 Middletown           Meats Evaluation 1 Milford Curtis Sharp Top Individuals 2 Smyrna Cassidy Niederland   3 Smyrna Parker Boots   4 Smyrna Kendra Mounts   5 Sussex Central Alvin Rogers   6 Sussex Central Savanna Sykes   7 Lake Forest Katie Severson   8 Milford Sarah Hastings   9 Lake Forest Ashley Hardway   10 Middletown Ryder Hickey         Milk Quality & Products 1 Middletown   Top Teams 2 Caesar Rodney     3 Appoquinimink     4 Indian River     5 Smyrna           Milk Quality & Products 1 Middletown Nyree Pajaro Top Individuals 2 Caesar Rodney Kimberlyn Nance   3 Indian River Willow Bergman   4 Middletown Morgan Meekins   5 Caesar Rodney Luis Moreno   6 Middletown Mackenzie Howell   7 Smyrna Gabryele Carter   8 Caesar Rodney Kianna Tribbett   9 Appoquinimink Gage Scarberry   10 Appoquinimink Kyle Gares         Junior Milk Quality & Products 1 Smyrna Middle   Top Schools 2 Woodbridge Middle     3 Meredith Middle     4 Laurel Middle     5 Redding Middle           Junior Milk Quality & Products 1 Smyrna Middle McKenna Vest Top Individuals 2 Smyrna Middle Carl Rifino   3 Smyrna Middle Rorie Glenn Russum   4 Woodbridge Middle Jarrett Alvey   5 Woodbridge Middle Louie Altizer   6 A.G.Waters Jacob Green   7 Laurel Middle Javon Snead   8 Meredit Middle Caitlin Maloney   9 Laurel Middle Caleb Kelley   10 Redding Middle Summer Montgomery         Parliamentary Prodcedure 1 Sussex Central     2 Smyrna     3 Milford           Prepared Public Speaking 1 Milford Hannah Haigh   2 Caesar Rodney Allison Wahlsten   3 Middletown Sikha Sahu   4 Caesar Rodney Olivia Gaines   5 Middletown Bryce Banks         Junior Prepared Public Speaking 1 Middletown Emily Laird   2 Smyrna Zoe Petrosky   3 W.T. Chipman Sydney Messick   4 W.T. Chipman Aiden Gorey   5 Woodbridge Middle Devon Allen   6 Smyrna Middle Reghan King   7 Woodbridge Middle Kylie Pusey   8 Delmar Middle Amiah Mumford   9 Laurel Middle Allison Weldon   10 Laurel Middle Madison Carey