Watsky will play Union Transfer on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

Emcee George Watsky has been buzzing with singles off his newly released album, “Complaint.” This includes songs “Welcome to the Family,” “What Goes Up” and his latest tune titled “Limo 4 Emos.”

Watsky will rotisserize Union Transfer in Philadelphia with his catalog of lyrical heat in a headline performance Wednesday, Feb. 27. Supporting acts are Grieves and Feed The Biirds.

The rapper, who grew up in the Bay Area, has collaborated with posh folks like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Anderson.Paak and Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun.

He’s performed at events ranging from the Kennedy Center and the NAACP Image Awards to “Epic Rap Battles of History” on YouTube and the Vans Warped Tour. 

Watsky dished on meeting up with a prophetic fan in January, his love for hiking, getting hit with a tampon on stage and more.

What did it mean to you to make your Red Rocks debut last month? Did you get to see your longtime fan Jax there?

It was a great show, both as a performer and a fan of the other acts on the bill: Atmosphere and De La Soul. I did a casual meet-up with fans of mine the next morning in Denver and Jax came. It’s really cool to see a supporter grow up and continue to follow me as years pass. He told me he was excited to see me play Madison Square Garden next, since he’s now the fan who speaks dreams into existence.

Recently you did a Q&A session with fans on Reddit. What's one or two of your biggest takeaways from that forum?

I don’t know about takeaways from that specific Q&A, but I think Reddit is an interesting corner of the internet. Like most sprawling message boards it has some dank cesspools, but generally I think Redditors are an intellectually curious group of people and it’s fun to go hang out there and talk shop. 

How did attending theater school impact you as a music artist?

I think the single biggest takeaway was just learning how to be free from self-judgment on stage. Whether you’re acting [or] performing music, [you’re] learning to live in the moment, to act and react honestly, to connect emotionally with the words you’re saying, [which] is the same. And just like being in a play, you need to learn how to say the same lines over and over again and make them new to yourself each time.

What's one of your biggest “Complaints” these days?

I don’t like that the president of my country is one of the worst people in the country.

What's the back story behind you getting nicked with a beer-soaked tampon?  

I played Glasgow right after Scotland’s last failed independence vote. I brought it up onstage, without really taking sides one way or another. Before I know it, a wet tampon was sliding down my cheek. There’s not really anything more to the story than that — someone in Glasgow has great aim.

What will it take for 2019 to feel like a bigger year for you than 2018?  

I don’t really care if 2019 is bigger than 2018, I just want to be happier, and I already am. I think if I keep drinking plenty of water and spending time with my girlfriend and my friends and family then the rest will take care of itself.

What do you look for when hiking at a location? What's the next location you'd love to hike at?

Ideally I like to find a place that feels like a new adventure and isn’t so packed with tourists that it’s hard to appreciate the serenity of the environment. I went to Patagonia with my girlfriend last month and had an amazing time camping. I’d love to keep exploring South America.