New music from Meg Mac, Phony Ppl and Welles.

MEG MAC - 'Something Tells Me' 

Soulful Australian songstress Meg Mac recently delivered the inspiring new tune, "Something Tells Me," about drowning out the noise those around you and figuring things out on your own.

Out this week is the video for "Something Tells Me," which was shot in Melbourne and directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, who is also credited for the video for Meg’s empowering anthem, ‘Give Me My Name Back’.

“I wrote ‘Something Tells Me” with Sarah Aarons (co-write GRAMMY nominated track, "The Middle")." Meg furthers, "The song is about trying not to listen to the people around you but working out what you really want to do. I’ve made so many decisions and choices based on what other people tell me I should or shouldn't do. This song is about not doing that anymore”.


Brooklyn-based quintet Phony Ppl and California rock band Rooney joined forces for a feel good cover of Len Barry's hit, "123." Uniting their individualized sounds, this cover puts a modern twist on the 1965 love song for the soundtrack of the Rooney’s Robert Schwartzman directed film, “The Unicorn."

WELLES - '3D' remixes

Grunge rocker Welles is dropping 3D remixes of "Into Ashes," "Codeine," and "Are You Feeling Like Me." Taking to the studio with producers Beau Boggs and Eddie Spear, Welles revives these previous releases with an immersive sound that emulates a fuller experience of these tunes.

"These 3D recordings were made in Klipsch audio's anechoic chamber on a cold January afternoon. They were done by re-recording the source material in a reverberant free room into a Nuemann Dummy head," Jesse Wells explains, "Utilizing time and level differences in conjunction with the shape of the dummy's head you produce a more realistic sound. To get the full effect you need to listen on headphones. You can also sit directly in between 2 speakers like giant headphones for an even greater experience. Hopefully you have more fun listening to the recordings than you did reading this paragraph."