Some fun First State events to dive into this weekend.

1. Grunge Fest is where you’ll hear tributes to Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.

It will feature bands such as Love Killed Kurt, Superunknown, Flannel, Sea of Sorrow and Purple to The Core.

You can get your grunge on at The Queen, 500 N. Market St., Wilmington at 7 p.m., Saturday. COST $17. INFO or (202) 730-3331.

2. Grammy Award-winning musician David Russell is world renowned for his musicianship and inspired artistry.

The virtuoso guitarist earned a Grammy for his 2005 album “Aire Latino,” winning in the category of best instrumental soloist in classical music.

Russell appears regularly at prestigious halls in cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Madrid Toronto and Rome.

His attention to detail and provocative lyrical phrasing brings a sense of adventure to each piece.

Russell will charm listeners at Bethel United Methodist Church, 129 W. Fourth St., Lewes at 2 p.m., Saturday. COST $35. INFO or (888) 212-6458.

3. When your band is called The Wet Bandits, you give listeners fair warning that they may leave your shows a bit sweaty, as a parting gift of sorts.

The Wet Bandits feature five friends from the First State on a mission to make you move. What started as a side project has evolved into a full-fledged machine dedicated to writing original songs and putting a spin on some classics.

The blues-rockers will hold it down at Mispillion River Brewing, 255 Mullet Run, Milford from 8 to 10 p.m., Saturday. COST Free. INFO or 491-6623.