The Office of Gov. John Carney is seeking candidates to be nominated for Delaware’s Obligatory Seat on the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council.

To be eligible for consideration as a nominee by the governor for selection to the MAFMC seat by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, individuals must be Delaware residents and must complete and submit a nomination application kit outlining their fisheries background, experience and ability to serve as a council member.

The MAFMC is responsible for managing fisheries in mid-Atlantic federal waters extending from three to 200 miles offshore from New York through North Carolina. MAFMC members must be prepared to attend six MAFMC meetings a year during a three-year term, with each meeting typically lasting four days. Council members are compensated by the MAFMC for travel expenses for transportation, hotel and meals and receive a stipend of $483.52 per meeting day.

Nominees’ eligibility for the position is based, in part, on their occupation or other related experience, scientific expertise or training, according to NOAA’s website; and they must be knowledgeable and experienced in one or more areas related to the fishery resources within mid-Atlantic federal waters:

— Commercial fishing, aquaculture, or the processing or marketing of fish, fish products, or fishing equipment.

— Fishing for pleasure, relaxation, or consumption, or experience in any business supporting fishing.

— Leadership in a state, regional, or national organization whose members participate in a fishery in the council’s area of authority.

— The management and conservation of natural resources, including related interactions with industry, government bodies, academic institutions and public agencies.

— Representing consumers of fish or fish products through participation in local, state or national organizations; or performing other activities specifically related to the education or protection of consumers of marine resources.

— Teaching, journalism, writing, consulting, practicing law or researching matters related to fisheries, fishery management and marine resource conservation.

Applications should be submitted to DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife Fisheries Section by March 6. For a nomination application kit, call 739-9914.