Federal employees may be eligible for Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees in the event of the shutdown.

The UCFE program is administered by state unemployment insurance agencies acting as agents of the federal government. The program is operated under the same terms and conditions that apply to regular state unemployment insurance. In general, the law of the state in which an individual’s official duty station in federal civilian service is located will be the state law under which an individual’s eligibility for benefits is determined.

Delaware started taking claims for federal employees on Jan. 11. As of Jan. 15, there were 70 claimants.

The maximum weekly benefit amount in Delaware is $330 for up to 26 weeks.

Due to Delaware law, essential federal employees who are responsible for reporting to work will not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Section 3302-17 states that “unemployment exists and an individual is ‘unemployed’ in any week during which the individual performs no services and with respect to which no wages are payable to the individual.” These individuals who are actively performing services on a full-time basis are not eligible.

All other federal employees affected by the shutdown, who are not working through no fault of their own, can apply.

To file an unemployment insurance claim, log on to ui.delawareworks.com and click the red/orange button “File An Unemployment Insurance Claim.”

Claimants can apply on their home computer or any public computer; on their mobile phone; at any public library computer; or at current Department of Labor locations.

Office locations for unemployment insurance are 4425 N. Market St., Wilmington; Blue Hen Corporate Center, 655 S. Bay Road, Suite 2H, Dover; Pencader Corporate Center, 225 Corporate Blvd., Suite 108, Newark; and 8 Georgetown Plaza, Suite 2, Georgetown.

Claimants who want to file for benefits need their Social security number and past 18 months of employment history to apply.

For more, unemployed Delawareans should contact their local Department of Labor offices at 761-8446 in Wilmington, at 368-6600 in Newark, 739-05461 in Dover and 856-5611 in Georgetown or visit dol.delaware.gov.