Dedicated to Women, an OB-GYN practice, will donate a year’s worth of needed items to the two Connections Community Support Programs Recovery Residences for Women and Children in Milford.

The pledge of support from Dedicated to Women comes after a summer during which Connections opened two additional recovery residences, commonly known as Mommy & Me Houses, in Lewes and Seaford for women in early recovery.

With the support of community partners such as Dedicated to Women, the recovery residences allow women to focus on their treatment while still living with their children, thereby improving the chances for positive outcomes for the mothers and children.

The donations from Dedicated to Women will total more than $15,000. They will pay for a year’s worth of bedding, toiletries, disposable kitchen utensils and other items. The medical practice is also purchasing baby monitors and booster seats for the recovery residences.

The Milford Mommy & Me Houses that will be getting the items serve a total of 14 women and up to 28 children. The recovery residences allow mothers to reside in safe and supportive environments as they focus on their recovery during and after treatment.

One of the houses opened in 2016 and the other opened this summer. Connections opened Mommy & Me Houses in Lewes and Seaford this summer as well. The women receive prenatal and postnatal care and their babies get medical care after they are born.