Free concert at the Old State House by Milton singer-songwriter Kyle Offidani

Singer-songwriter Kyle Offidani is so passionate about music that he spent months living in a storage pod in Texas so he could work on a new album.

Though this was nearly a decade ago, Offidani is finally finished recording the project, dubbed “Through My Window.” It’s slated for release in 2019.

Offidani, who now lives in Milton, will share his talents in a free concert at the Old State House Friday. The show is presented by the Delaware Friends of Folk, in partnership with First State Heritage Park.

“Through My Window” sounds like an introspective album.

It feels that way to me. I think the perspective I have on it changes, of course. Any time you create anything it changes form in the way you see it somehow. I see it a lot of times almost as inner-dialogue sort of stuff that I’m writing.

A few years ago you were living in a storage pod. What was that like?

Those times were awesome, man. I think about those times a lot because they seem so far now. Everything is different now, and it’s a great life. It was a place called 1st Choice Storage and it was in Buda, Texas. There was an older fella working there and he was retired. I imagine he doesn’t work that job any longer. It was about six years ago. That whole story was a trip in and of itself because I was living there for about seven months.

In the first three weeks of me living in there, there was a valet working at the desk. I told him I was going to be using the space as a practice space, because I wanted to record my record in the future. He said, “Yeah, I don’t think that would be a problem. You just can’t live in here.” He just glanced over it and didn’t beat that into my head. I don’t think he really had that idea that I would.

At the end of the month they go around and check the pods. If there’s a lock off one of the doors, they assume somebody moved out, they open up the unit and they see if there’s anything in there like trash and they take it to the dumpster.

My door pops open and a lady’s at the door. I had a sleeping bag I was laying on. I pop my head up and she was like, “Ahh!” She screamed and slammed the door. She came back about two hours later with tacos. It was amazing. Long-story short, it manifested into this great, warm experience that validated the path I was on.

It’s sweet that woman brought you tacos.

She was really awesome. And the older guy who worked there was especially a really interesting fellow. He was a conspiracy guy and had a lot to talk about and share, and educate me on. A lot of the stuff I couldn’t quite understand, but he’s great. He’s one of those people you never forget.

Do you feel like more of an artist because you’ve lived like a struggling one?

We want to see the magic in the world. When we see it, it just validates life and opens a new door for us to ask another question. When I look at it, it wasn’t just that those experiences happened. But I made those experiences happen in some way, shape or form. Those people were there for me. Somehow, consciously, I ended up there. But it was a choice. I think if you don’t acknowledge that then you take power out of what we’re capable of.