Sen. Tom Carper, on Dec. 13, wrote to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs expressing concerns regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed reconsideration of the Supplemental Finding about Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, which states that it is “appropriate and necessary” for EPA to regulate mercury and toxic air pollution from coal and oil fired power plants.

In the letter, Carper warns that EPA’s new proposal may be ignoring or dismissing many of the health and environmental benefits of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.

“For decades, and in multiple administrations, EPA has followed OMB’s direction by providing a robust record of all the quantifiable and qualitative data for air toxic rules…Based on all the health and scientific data, Congressional intent, and historical justification and precedent, it just does not make sense for EPA to change course regarding the consideration of non-quantifiable benefits in its Supplemental Finding for MATS,” wrote Carper.

“If EPA looks at all the actual benefits and updated costs of this [MATS] rule instead of persisting in its tortured effort to redefine its own legal authority and responsibility, there is no reasonable conclusion other than that it is appropriate and necessary to regulate these dangerous power plant emissions under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act. I echo the call of health and environmental groups, states and the business community: Keep the entirety of the MATS rules in place,” wrote Carper.

A copy of the letter can be found at