Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, 11978 Turkle Pond Road, Milton, reminded hunters of changes to the 2018-19 waterfowl season.

For the Oct. 20 Youth Hunt, walk-in blind sites are included in the morning hunter-facilitated lottery drawing.

The walk-in waterfowl blind-site hunt area located south of Prime Hook Beach Road will be a hunter-facilitated lottery drawing conducted two hours before shooting time at the refuges check station. The walk-in area includes five blind-sites. Each blind-site will allow up to three hunters; blind-site hunters must be within 20 feet of each other while hunting. Blind-site locations have been pre-established, marked with PVC and are to be accessed by foot. GPS coordinates for the blind-sites will be available in the refuge hunt shack.

Hunters not selected by the morning lottery can obtain permits for vacant blind-sites on a first-come, self-serve basis until noon. Hunting must stop in the walk-in area at 3 p.m., and hunters and assistants must exit the hunting area by 4 p.m.

A Prime Hook Waterfowl hunting permit and a Prime Hook daily lottery permit required for all hunters participating in waterfowl hunting. There are no fees for the permits. The questionnaire portion on the permit must be filled out after the hunt, and turned in at the check station.

For more, call 684-8419.