The Delaware National Guard conducted an assumption of command ceremony for the assistant air adjutant general position Oct. 13 at the Delaware Air National Guard Base.

Brig. Gen. Wendy Wenke, who was serving as the Delaware Air National Guard’s chief of staff since March, assumed command as the new assistant air adjutant general.

The Air Guard ATAG leads more than 1,000 Delaware Air guardsmen and advises the adjutant general on matters relating to the equipping, training and personnel of the Delaware Air National Guard.

Delaware’s Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Carol Timmons presided over the ceremony and passed the command flag to Wenke.

“As I always like to say, ‘Airmen first, mission always,’” said Timmons. “I have faith that Brig. Gen. Wendy Wenke will hold to that motto.”

Wenke thanked Timmons for placing that faith in her and giving her the opportunity to lead.

“Ma’am, you entrusted me to safeguard the morale and wellbeing of our guard family,” said Wenke. “I will ensure we have a safe and respectful environment that attracts quality airmen and will lead with integrity and authenticity so we operate from a position of trust.”

Wenke also addressed the nearly 100 citizen airmen in attendance at the ceremony, saying the focus will be on training mission-ready airmen.

“We’re going to do that by getting back to the basics. That’s what our airmen expect,” said Wenke. “I will convey my commander’s intent and empower our Airmen to act.”

The outgoing ATAG, Col. David Walker, is now supporting U.S. Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Maryland.