Candidate running for office in the state House representing the 33rd District.

My name is Todd Webb and I am running for State Representative for the 33rd District. I am a proud native of Kent County and have lived in the 33rd most of my life. I come from a family of small business owners and know what it means to work hard and to sacrifice so people can have better lives. I have personally experienced the highs and lows of our local economy. One of the reasons I am running to be your representative is to help grow our local economy and bring good jobs into our community. I feel a strong connection to this land and its people and I would be honored to represent you by being the helpful, outgoing and call-to-action State Representative the 33rd District deserves.

I have always had a desire to make a positive contribution to my community. My first opportunity to serve the public was as a young volunteer fire fighter for the Carlisle Fire Company. I learned the true meaning of teamwork, commitment and sacrifice, which helped instill the belief that when we work together we can accomplish so much more. To this day I hold those experiences close to my heart along with my admiration for and appreciation of our selfless first responders.

Today, I have another opportunity to serve the community as an Administrator at the Delaware Department of Transportation. I have the joy to serve as the Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator. Our goal is to ensure that Delawareans and our visitors with disabilities have equal access to DelDOT’s programs, services and activities by making certain that our pedestrian infrastructure is safe and accessible to everyone. Also, as the Vice-chair of the State Council for Persons with Disabilities I have the privilege of working with policy-makers, advocates and other stakeholders to help ensure that people with disabilities have full community inclusion. This means the ability to get a quality education and obtain the resources and services that a person with a disability needs to live independently in the community. I also function as the Business Liaison for the agency wide program called DelDOT Project SEARCH in which I tackle the crucial task of helping young people with significant intellectual disabilities gain access to internship opportunities that prepare them for employment.

In Dover I will fight to make sure our kids have access to the highest quality education, work to make healthcare more affordable for all, and keep our communities safe. I will work to develop solutions to the many challenges that we face as a community, such as the opioid crisis, while working to ensure that we don’t lose the values and the many things that we love about living in this great district. I want to create an environment for good paying jobs so that our children can live and work close to their families. I have the passion and energy to work hard and lend a hand and an ear to every member of the 33rd District. As your representative I will provide a strong connection between our community and the Delaware General Assembly. I look forward to the privilege of serving you as your 33rd District Representative. Please feel free to contact me at any time at

Todd Webb