Milford police have arrested a local woman after she allegedly fought another woman in the city’s Memorial Park and then tried to escape from custody.

Department spokesman Det. Timothy Maloney identified the woman s 29-year-old Shelly Shockley of Milford.

Maloney said police were sent to the park at about 5:28 p.m. Sept. 17 when a surveillance system showed several people loitering there. Two women, one of whom later was identified as Shockley, began to fight while police were on their way, he added.

The fight was over by the time police arrived, but they found Shockley sitting on a bench. As police came up, she jumped up and tried to run away, but was caught after a short chase. She was seen drinking from a liquor bottle as police were trying to take her into custody, Maloney added.

Drinking in the park is prohibited and there are warning signs against the practice, he added.

Maloney noted Shockley’s actions before officers arrived and her running from officers upset people in the park.

Once back at Milford police headquarters, Maloney said Shockley tried to run out of the building but was stopped. She appeared to be intoxicated at the time, he added.

Shockley’s arraignment was held up until Sept. 18 due to her being intoxication; she is charged with resisting arrest, third-degree attempted escape, disorderly conduct, and unlawfully consuming alcoholic beverages while on public streets, parks or alleys.

She later was released on a $2,600 unsecured bond and ordered not to have any contact with Memorial Park.