Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Shawn M. Garvin addressed, on Sept. 17, the recent Environmental Protection Agency decision to deny Delaware’s Clean Air Act petitions.

“Earlier this year, the EPA gave notice proposing to deny four Clean Air Act Section 126(b) petitions made by Delaware against four power plants in Pennsylvania and West Virginia that, according to EPA data, transport air pollution across state lines into Delaware. Delaware requested that EPA reconsider this denial. EPA finalized their decision on Friday, Sept. 14,” said Garvin.

“We received the decision by EPA over the weekend and are still reviewing it. Delaware is very disappointed that EPA has denied our petitions to address upwind source emissions, with over 90 percent of emissions impacting Delaware’s air quality coming from out of state. Based on a quick read, it appears that the EPA is not interpreting the available data properly, nor are they implementing the Clean Air Act’s Good Neighbor provisions as they were intended to be used. We will be looking at all of our legal options, but if transport from upwind states is not adequately addressed, Delawareans will continue to suffer from unhealthy air,” said Garvin.

“We have pursued — and will continue to pursue — voluntary and collaborative efforts with our fellow states to ensure upwind power plants meet the same stringent standards for controlling air pollution that Delaware is required to meet,” said Garvin.