Longtime acquaintance shares thoughts on sheriff candidate.

I support Brian Lewis for sheriff of Kent County for the following reasons:

I have know Brian for over 20 years and can say from personal experience that he is a man of his word, honest, and willing to spend the time required to make sure whatever he is doing is done right. Brian has taken a personal interest in the community long before he decided to run for office. He has been and still is involved in feeding the homeless and assisting in clothing drives for them. Brian has mentioned many times to me that if he ever ran for any office the one thing he would never do is use lip service just to appease someone. He has stated many times that is one of the major faults of many people in office. If he says he will look into something and get back to you he does. He is truthful and will do everything he can to assist you with your problem. Brian has always had an open mind to suggestions and is willing to try something new if it will improve the operation. Brian has an excellent record serving the public and will bring excellent skills to the office of Kent County Sheriff. He will make certain the office is more public friendly and open to answering any questions about the office to who ever ask them. Brian’s commitment to serving the public, his outstanding record in law enforcement and his integrity makes him the best candidate for the job.

Marty Volk