Jason Stewart, of Camden, was appointed Kent County GOP's GOTV — Get Out the Vote — operations manager.

“Mr. Stewart’s broad experience in many venues, including military and community service, education and analyzing and interpreting data and metrics, along with his expertise in planning and budgeting resources, makes him an outstanding choice to work closely with Team GOP. A respected leader, he schedules and conducts meetings, provides training, and coordinates the many details involved in multiple campaigns,” said Kent GOP chair Hank McCann.

Vice chair of the 34th Republican District, Stewart also serves on the board of Dover's Modern Maturity Center. Other community roles include serving as a member of the Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs and as Kent County representative of the Delaware Veterans Coalition. He is also a member of the Delaware Student Veterans Education Task Force and holds leadership roles at Delaware Technical College and Wilmington University's veterans organizations.

Prior to his involvement in politics, Stewart served in the U.S. Army's 88th MP Co. in northern Iraq where he conducted convoy security missions before becoming a diplomatic security officer for the U.S. Department of State, Special Operations Unit.

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