Hydrants to be flushed nightly

The Milford Public Works Department is investigating sporadic discolored water within the Meadows at Shawnee community.  

At the present time, the issue is isolated within the Meadows at Shawnee only. The city has investigated the possibility of broken water meters or cracked pipes and, to date, have not found any problems.

With assistance from Delaware Rural Water Association, the city is installing automatic flushers on several hydrants within the subdivision. The hydrants will be flushed every day around midnight for the next few days, and residents may see water on the roadway at night and in the early mornings.

Residents experiencing discolored water are asked to notify the Department of Public Works at 302-422-1110 or by emailing sellingsworth@milford-de.gov with the following information:

                        a.         Name, address, and contact information

                        b.         Date and time discolored water was experienced

                        c.         Was it noticed with hot water or cold water?

                        d.         Do you have a hot water heater?

                        e.         Do you have an irrigation system?

The city also recommends, for discolored water on the cold side, running the spigot for several minutes until it runs clear. Often times an outdoor hose bib works best. If you experience discolored water on the hot side only and you have a hot water tank, you may have sediment within your tank and should fully flush it.