Sister store offers dehydrated treats

Rehoboth Beach’s first canine ice cream bar and bakery opened with a bang.

“Our first customer was named Waffles,” said Salty Paws owner Suzanne Tretowicz. “He was a rescued Anatolian Shepherd.”

Two days later, Tretowicz happened to be looking out the front door of the business, next to Arena’s Bar and Deli in Villages by the Sea, when something flew by in a blur.

“I jumped out thinking it was a loose dog, and I watched him run across the street and almost get hit by two cars,” she said. “He ran into a backyard and scaled a fence and got stuck in between. I thought he was going to have a heart attack he was shaking so hard.”

Tretowicz recognized Waffles and convinced police to let her bring him back to the shop to calm down. About 10 minutes later, his tearful family came looking for him.

“It was just such a feel-good experience,” Tretowicz said. “We’re going to name an ice cream after him.”

Salty Paws and its sister store, All Dried Out, both opened in Villages by the Sea in June. Tretowicz and her partner, Brian Smith, own both. All Dried Out features their own dehydrated meat dog treats, and other pet products, while Salty Paws is an ice cream parlor – for dogs.

“It’s all goats’ milk or yogurt-based with no added sugar,” Tretowicz said.

Flavors include pumpkin, peanut butter and maple bacon, to name a few, while toppings include sweet potato, chicken and tripe. Prices range from $4 to $7.

Tretowicz has always been a dog lover. She used to show AKC boxers in New York. Now, she and Smith split their time between West Grove, Pennsylvania and Rehoboth Beach. They’ve been manufacturing dehydrated meat dog treats for eight years, and opened their first All Dried Out storefront two years ago in West Grove. Salty Paws is their first foray into canine ice cream.

Business has been good since opening; Salty Paws recently hosted its first doggie birthday party. Tretowicz plans on staying open year round.

“In the winter, when the dogs are allowed back on the beach, they’ll need someplace to go,” she said.

She also hopes to get involved with local animal rescue organizations.

“When you’re dealing with their pets, you just get such a nice side of people,” she said.

Salty Paws and All Dried Out open at 9 a.m. daily and close “when the last dog goes home.”