The pair claimed they and their children were hurt in 2016.

An investigation by the Delaware Department of Insurance has found two Milford residents filed insurance claims for injuries from a New Jersey automobile accident that never occurred.

Insurance Department spokeswoman Kathy Jo Robbins identified the couple as Joseph Auborg, 43, and his wife, Diliana Legeros, 33.

Robbins said Legeros reported the accident claim to their insurance company on Nov. 16, 2016, claiming that she, Augborg and two of their children were hit by a car while returning to Delaware from New Jersey.

Legeros said the car was a MiniCooper with New York tags and that she was able to write down the tag number.

However, neither individual called the police, Robbins said.

The alleged fraud took place when the couple and the children claimed injuries and were treated by a Milford chiropractor and other medical professionals.

Later investigations showed the alleged incident did not happen, Robbins said.

The couple’s insurance provider was billed more than $100,000 in claims, paying out more than $55,000.

As a result, the couple was indicted by a Delaware grand jury June 4 on a charge of insurance fraud and were arrested after surrendering June 11 to Capital Police.

Both have since been released on a $1,000 unsecured bond each.