Lt. Gov. Hall-Long will talk about the Behavioral Health Consortium's plans and recommendations for the state's addiction crisis.

Join us Wednesday, June 20, at 12:30 p.m. for a Facebook live discussion with Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall Long

In May the state’s Behavioral Health Consortium, under her leadership, released a plan designed to address prevention, treatment and recovery for residents affected by mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

The 43-page, three-year plan outlines short and long term objectives in six categories, including: access and treatment; changing perception and stigma; corrections and law enforcement; data and policy; education and prevention; and family and community readiness.

Join us Wednesday, June 20, at 12:30 on when Bethany Hall-Long talks about the consortium’s work, the recommendations of the panel and the next steps for achieving the recommended goals.