Members of the Lower Sussex and Milford/Slaughter Neck NAACP Youth Councils hosted a clean water workshop April 14 in the Milton Library.

The educational event, facilitated by environmental advocates Kit Zak and Trish Baines, touched on subjects ranging from pollution to public policy.

The NAACP considers environmental justice a human and civil rights issue, so participants studied the effects of pollution on the environment throughout the world and closer to home. Key finding in Delaware’s Task Force on Clean Water indicate that more than 90 percent of Delaware’s rivers, streams, bays and ponds are polluted and that there is a $100 million annual shortfall to address the state’s water quality needs.

At the end of the workshop, Baines handed out plastic water bottles and reusable grocery bags. The young activists also worked on postcards stressing the importance of environmental justice to be sent to local political leaders. The youth pledged to practice what they learned and to educate peers about the three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle, and pledged to utilize their new water bottles, refilling them on tap water instead of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles.