"The Abducted Lego Cows" from Middletown will advance to the next level of competition Feb. 24 in Dover after winning the Champion's Award at the qualifier round of the FIRST Lego League contest Jan. 27.

The FIRST Lego League team "The Abducted Lego Cows" from Middletown won the Champion’s Award Jan. 27 at the qualifier round of the FLL competition.

The team will be advancing to the next level of competition Feb. 24 at Delaware State University in Dover.

The Abducted Lego Cows are sponsored by Friends of Middletown Robotics and R G Architects and work out of a shop in the back of Meredith Middle School in Middletown.

The team consists of 10 middle school students from Louis L. Redding Middle School, Everett Meredith Middle School, Alfred G. Waters Middle School and MOT Charter School:

Erin Kuzminski, Kaitlyn Evans, Connor Leahy, Nicholas Franco, Ryan Franco, Lukas Manley, Jack Cox, William Wehmeyer, Jacob Churchill and Cameron Smith.

There are also three junior members, Annie Kuzminski, Ava Taylor and Reilly Grove, who are in fifth grade at Silver Lake Elementary and Old State Elementary.

The Abducted Lego Cows' coach is Laura Kuzminski and their mentor for this year was Matt Drechsler, both of Middletown.


This year’s theme for FIRST Lego League was "Hydro Dynamics." Each team had to create a project for a problem involving water.

The Abducted Lego Cows chose a project on desalination of water, to make a portable system using reverse osmosis to clean and purify saltwater for drinking. They made a model of this system and presented it to a group of judges at the competition. They also had to explain FIRST Lego League's Core Values and show teamwork in a team-building exercise.

The last part of the competition was programming a Lego Mind Storms robot to navigate a field of various missions meant to challenge the competitors. The team's high score was 90 points for the robot missions.

The Abducted Lego Cows has been a team for the past six years and won an award last year for Innovative Project Design for their "Bee Box" which the team used to help raise awareness and help the bee population in the community.