The Dorchester County Historical Society will host a meeting for people who have a personal connection and/or artifacts from Holland Island at 1 p.m Feb. 16 at the Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester, 1003 Greenway Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This meeting will serve to plan an upcoming event that will celebrate the history and people of this now vacant Dorchester island. While recent interest and writings about the island have occurred, much has been left to the imagination in terms of the lives that were made, the strength of the community and other personal histories.

Family names include Parks, Todd, Powley, Bennett, Griffin, Price, Bradshaw, Duncan, Kelly, Walter, Jenkins, Wilson, Dize, Evans, Fisher and McCoy. Anyone who would like to share their personal stories, show their artifacts, photos or papers in relation to Holland Island, are encouraged to attend this meeting or call the society at 410-228-7953.

Programming for the general public is expected to take place later in the late spring or early summer.

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