Sen. Chris Coons released a statement in response to North Korea’s latest weapons test.

“North Korea's isolated and dangerous regime has once again defied the UN, its closest ally China and the rest of the world in testing another, even larger nuclear device,” Coons said. “Just last week, North Korea also launched a ballistic missile over northern Japan. These actions are a serious escalation of Kim Jong Un's campaign to develop an ICBM capable of hitting the U.S. and pose a serious threat to our national security.”

“I urge President Trump to consult closely with Congress, to rely on his national security and diplomatic team and to continue working with the UN and China to increase pressure on North Korea through tougher sanctions, while also strengthening our defensive anti-missile capabilities,” Coons said. “It is urgent that we speed up deployment and development of systems that can defend our homeland and our vital allies South Korea and Japan.”

“Kim Jong Un is paranoid, unpredictable and aggressive, and will likely only respond to a unified and strong US and international response. We must make every effort at diplomacy while also preparing for the strong possibility of escalating confrontation,” Coons said.