Here are some fun First State events to dive into this weekend.

1. Dover’s own indie-blues outfit Hoochi Coochi is one of the highlights of the annual Shady Grove Music Festival. 

The family-friendly affair features musical acts Spokey Speaky, RFA, Rosu Lup, Stay Inside, Church Girls, The Joe Trainor Trio, Carrier and Acoustic Shadow.

Shady Grove is a rain-or-shine event. Not to mention, tasty food and drinks will be on tap.

The festival launches near the Arden Gild Hall at 2126 The Highway, in Arden at 11 a.m., Saturday. COST $15 advance; $20 day of; free for ages 12 or younger. INFO

2. You don’t have to wait until Halloween for a ghoulishly good time.

That’s the plan, at least, in Milford where audiences will experience “Mr. Moribund’s Theatre of Terror.” It’s a live stage show in the style of the classic late-night horror programs hosted during the ’60s and ’70s. Examples include films hosted by Dr. Shock, Svengoolie and Elvira.

The show will introduce a cast of freaks, along with musical numbers, comedy segments and commercial breaks.

“Mr. Moribund’s Theatre of Terror” is coming to the Riverfront Theatre, 2 S. Walnut St., in Milford at 7:30 p.m., Saturday. COST $5. INFO or (800) 838-6006.

3. Jungle gyms are a dime a dozen. But Jungle John is a rarity.

Dinosaur lover Jungle John offers a free Jurassic program that’s not only fun, but also educational. Kids will get to see dino artifacts, while being entertained with live demonstrations from Dolly the T-Rex.

Jungle John has a background as a supervisor at the Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington for more than six years.

In addition to animal care and supervisory responsibilities, he did animal shows for their traveling zoo program.

Kids and adults can hang out with Jungle John at The Freeman Stage at Bayside, in Selbyville at 10 a.m., Saturday. COST Free. INFO or call 436-3015.