A member posted it without the pastor's knowledge.

A Georgetown church is facing scrutiny after posting a sign that said, “It’s Adam and Eve not Steve - God.”

Providence United Methodist Church, located at 24937 Shortly Road in Georgetown, was constructed in 1904 and moved to its current location in 1932. The church is part of the United Methodist Church’s Peninsula-Delaware Conference and falls under the Dover district, which is led by Superintendent the Rev. Dr. Kyung-Hee Sa. The Rev. Regina Reeves is the pastor at Providence and succeeded her husband, Walter Reeves, in the position, after he retired on July 1.

Georgetown resident Charles Mead-e noticed the church’s sign and, on July 2, penned a letter to Sa stating that the sign was “more than just offensive. It is just down right mean spirited to the GLBT community…” He wrote the church owed the LGBT community an apology.

Mead-e estimated the sign was posted for about a week.

Walter Reeves responded to the email, stating that the sign was “put up by an individual member of the church without pastoral leadership knowledge or approval,” and had been removed.

“We want to assure you that this is not the message that is preached at this church, nor does it reflect the respect for all persons that is the United Methodist way,” Reeves wrote.

Sa did not respond to requests for comment, but Bishop Peggy Jonson, who serves Delaware, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the eastern Pennsylvania area and is the person to whom Sa reports, said the message did not reflect the principals of the United Methodist Church and that the individual that posted the sign had expressed regret.

“We apologized [to Mead-e]. In every way, we are making amends,” she said. “It was an educational experience. We got to hear his heart and why these things are painful. [The person who posted the sign] is very sorry … she didn’t realize the impact and it’s simply never going to happen again.”

According to Johnson, the message was contrary to the social principals of the United Methodist Church.

“We believe that all people are persons of sacred worth and created in the image of God. That includes Adam, Eve and Steve,” she said. “We encourage families and churches not to reject lesbian and gay people.”