Spring break enabled them to get an early start on annual Earth Day fun

Last week, students at Brandywine Springs School in Hockessin got an early start on their Earth Day 2017 activities by engaging their minds and bodies in a variety of earth-friendly ways.

The Earth Day activities take place as part of an arrangement with the nonprofit Brandywine Red Clay Alliance, a watershed conservation and education organization based out of Chester County, Pa.

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade are taking on the mantle of “Water Warriors” as they learn about water conservation efforts across the spectrum.

Jim Jordan, with the Brandywine Red Clay Alliance, said that the projects planned for the "Water Warriors" reflect the goals of the Delaware Nature Society's Clean Water Alliance, which partners with the Delaware Center for Inland Bays and other regional ecological organizations.

"We tie these traditional Earth Day activities in with our partners' overall goals, which is cleaner, safer water for Delawareans," Jordan said. 

Kindergarten teacher Meg Anderson said that the students took on a variety of projects, from making posters and paper “Warrior” hats, to planting seeds, to discussing what they can do at home and in their daily lives to preserve water.

They also plant and maintain gardens, and use the opportunity to discuss the importance of clean, healthy water as a natural resource.

“It’s all very hands on,” she said.

Teacher Mary MacAllister’s third graders got to learn orienteering as part of their regular social studies classes, under the guidance of BRCA instructor Kathy Ianuzzi.

“That way they can apply the lessons they learned in class to the real world, learn navigation,” MacAllister said.

Other activities taking place throughout the day included eighth graders building “bottle rockets” with water and air, seventh graders building water filters, second graders mulching raised bed, and sixth graders conducting trash pickup throughout the campus.