President Donald Trump has said on Twitter that former President Barack Obama had telephone lines "wire tapped" during the election. Trump has yet to offer evidence.

Sen. Chris Coons was on CNN to discuss Trump's tweeting.

“I'll remind you that the big issue here that I think President Trump is trying to distract us from is whether or not there was collusion between the Trump campaign and our last presidential election, and the larger issue that faces all of us is whether we're going to defend our democracy against Russian aggression,” said Coons.

“I need a more detailed briefing on exactly what the FBI Director has been saying, but my hunch is that what he is trying to get approval to do is have the Department of Justice publicly say there was no warrant. There is no evidence.

“Let's remember the record here. Donald Trump dedicated years of his life to running around our country claiming that President Obama wasn't born in the United States without a shred of evidence, and immediately after his election claimed millions of people voted illegally and demanded an investigation, which even in this investigation-prone Republican Congress they haven't taken him up on it because there's no evidence of that either.”