Federal funds are available for meals served in day care settings.

Federal funds are available to help child and adult day care providers in Delaware serve nutritious meals to children and adults in their facilities.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Sponsors in CACFP can receive cash reimbursement for meals served. Participant eligibility is tied to income eligibility guidelines that are adjusted annually by the USDA.

The Delaware Department of Education is the state agency that administers the CACFP in Delaware. Under CACFP, eligible sponsors include licensed child care centers, adult day care centers, emergency/homeless shelters, and family day care home providers.

Children enrolled at child care centers, family day care homes, some after-school programs or adult day care centers participating in the CACFP receive meals and snacks at no charge. Reimbursement to the centers or providers varies depending on the number of children or adults meeting USDA's household size and income eligibility guidelines. The program covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Centers or providers may be reimbursed for up to two meals and one snack per participant each day.

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