Fourteen dogs were seized over Thanksgiving at 24268 Deep Branch Road in Georgetown, a property owned by Atwood Timmons II, by Delaware Animal Services (DAS) officers responding to a tip. 

Several dogs were found caged and severely neglected, while other neglected dogs were found running loose. Many were emaciated and required immediate medical attention. Three deceased dogs were also found. On Dec. 9, Timmons signed over legal ownership of the animals to the Brandywine Valley SPCA (BVSPCA). 

“The suffering that these dogs have endured has been tragic, but we have a phenomenal team of shelter and medical professionals working tirelessly to restore them back to happy, healthy canines,” said Adam Lamb, Chief Executive Officer of the BVSPCA. “They’re undoubtedly going to require a lot of individual support to get back on their feet.”

With around-the-clock medical attention at the BVSPCA's New Castle facility, the dogs are now eating and slowly working their way towards better physical health. Fearful and skittish around humans, many of the dogs require significant psychological rehabilitation and training before they can be placed into the forever homes they deserve.

However, the dogs' progress is promising. One has already been placed into foster care by the BVSPCA and is slowly acclimating to his living environment and coming out of his shell. Three more of the dogs will be available for adoption starting Wednesday, Dec. 14. For the remaining ten dogs, the BVSPCA is seeking experienced fosters or rescues that will be able to devote time and energy to proper training and reconditioning. 

“When the state rescued these dogs, we did not think they would be able to enter foster homes so soon,” said DAS Chief Mark Tobin. “We are thrilled they will be able to experience life inside caring homes with people committed to their recovery until they are ready to be adopted.”

If you are interested in fostering or rescuing any of these dogs, please call the Brandywine Valley SPCA at 302-516-1008.  

To make a contribution toward the care of these dogs, visit or or call 302-516-1006.