Some women are acutely aware of every restroom in the local mall or every rest area along the major highways.

For many women, leaving the house can be difficult and even embarrassing because of issues involving the bathroom.  For many women, these issues stem from childbirth and can have a major impact on daily living.

“People who have problems with incontinence are often too embarrassed to talk about it, especially with their doctor,” said Dr. Elsa Goldstein of Bayhealth Colon Rectal Surgery. “This is a very common problem, and there are treatment options available.”

Patients experiencing problems with urinary or fecal incontinence can now make an appointment at the Pelvic Floor Center at Bayhealth Colon Rectal Surgery. The Pelvic Floor Center has state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities to accurately diagnose incontinence disorders. Depending on diagnosis, patients will work with Goldstein, Dr. Miaohou Xu, OB-GYN, nurse practitioner Wendy Surguy from Bayhealth Urology and two physical therapists for treatment.

“We work with patients on a weekly basis, for up to several months,” Goldstein said. “Most patients find this treatment very successful and have major improvement in their lifestyle.”

The most popular treatment for incontinence is biofeedback, an approach using physical therapy to retrain the pelvic floor muscles. For some people this includes learning to tighten the muscle, for others it includes learning to loosen the muscle.

“We want women to know there is hope for a better life,” Goldstein said. “There is no need to stop traveling or stop socializing. This treatment plan can change the quality of your life.”

To make an appointment with Goldstein, call Bayhealth Colon Rectal Surgery at 302-503-2700.