VIDEO - Discusses trade, Russia: “They have interfered in democratic elections across Western Europe and so the time is long past due for us to step forward and take action.”

Sen. Coons on Trump’s trade moves:

Frankly, the President didn’t do his homework on this one, and this is what happens when you take bumper sticker level attack on the world trading system.

It might stir up election rallies, but it is terrible policy. And throw it out there without having done enough ground work with our allies, with industry and partners around the world,” said Coons.

The tariffs that the President is threatening to slap onto imported steel and aluminum will principally affect some of our core and vital allies. Canada, South Korea, some of our European allies. Rather than principally affecting China, which is the country he says he’s been trying to get their attention on trade issues.

I think, for example, rather than withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, if the President really wants to strengthen our hand in the world in terms of trade, getting back to the table and negotiating a strong tough fair deal with our partners in the Asia-Pacific against China would make a lot more sense.

So, I frankly think that our allies weren’t well prepared for it. The markets took a dive in response to it. And it’s not yet clear to me what exactly the President’s goal is in slapping tariffs on steel and aluminum, principally imported from key allies.